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Limited Warranty

Strongbridge International LLC ("Strongbridge") warrants its represented products to be free of defects in workmanship under normal use and service, and only when used for the purposes and under conditions for which the represented products are intended, for one (1) year from date of shipment from Strongbridge.

This Limited Warranty shall not apply to any represented products which have been altered, repaired and/or previously used in any way; subjected to misuse, negligence and/or accident; have been stored out of doors; have not been installed in accordance with current installation instructions provided by Strongbridge International LLC; have not been installed by technicians trained and currently certified by Strongbridge, or alternatively another electrofusion manufacturer and/or training organization accepted and approved by Strongbridge.

The obligation of Strongbridge International LLC under this Limited Warranty shall be limited to the replacement of products purchased directly from Strongbridge International LLC, when deemed defective under normal use and service, and when used for the purposes and under conditions for which the product is intended, and only when installed by technicians trained and currently certified by Strongbridge or other electrofusion manufacturer or training organization accepted and approved by Strongbridge.  Represented products shall be evaluated for the purposes of this Limited Warranty by Strongbridge International LLC exclusively.

Strongbridge International LLC shall have the right to inspect any product claimed defective under this Limited Warranty, and the purchaser shall, if requested, return any claimed defective product prepaid to Strongbridge International LLC. The purchaser shall assume all responsibility and expense for removal, reinstallation, freight and any other associated costs in connection with any Limited Warranty claims.

Strongbridge International LLC shall not be held accountable or liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or penalties; injury to of persons and/or property or any other damages incurred from use of products represented, and does not assume any such liabilities incurred by the purchaser or user of the represented products.

Any claim regarding shortage or damage from shipment of products must be submitted in writing to Strongbridge International LLC within 7 days of receipt of shipment by the purchaser. The purchaser shall note loss and/or damage on the shipment Bill of Lading and provide a delivery receipt noting such with freight driver's signature.

It is recommended all Tega brand electrofusion fitting be installed using a Strongbridge - Tega electrofusion processor. All Tega brand electrofusion fittings must be fused using a universal multi-voltage (8 48 VAC) fusion processor having an output capacity of 80 amps and equipped with a temperature compensating feature. Power to be supplied through a portable power generator rated at 6500 watts (minimum) and operating at 220-240 VAC. Pipe more than 1.5% out of round requires the use of a suitable re-round clamp to ensure proper fit. Any gaps between pipe and fitting in excess of 1mm must be closed prior to fusion taking place. Pipes and fitting must be aligned with no stress on fitting before fusion can occur. Any misalignment must be corrected using pipe alignment equipment before proper electrofusion can occur.

Installation of Tega brand electrofusion fittings may only be carried out by properly trained and qualified technicians and/or by witness of an authorized factory representative.

In all cases installation instructions of represented products, available upon request, must be adhered to. Failing to follow such installation instructions, which may change from time to time without notice, will void any and all warranties.

Tega brand polyethylene multi-voltage electrofusion fittings shall have design criteria for a 50-year life cycle operating at 73 Degrees F. They shall be manufactured in accordance and/or comply with ASTM F-714, ASTM F-1055, ASTM D-2513, ASTM D-3035, ASTM D-3261, ASTM D-3350, AWWA C-901, AWWA C-906, DIN16963, EN1555, EN12201, ISO-9001-2008.

Tega brand electrofusion fittings are compatible for fusion to PE2406, PE3408, PE4710, PE80 and PE100 having a melt flow rate of 0.2 1.4 @ 190 Degree C/5 kg.

Purchaser is responsible for passing on this Limited Warranty to their customer(s).

Strongbridge International LLC reserves the right to make modifications and/or changes to the represented products, their technical details, measurements or other features listed at any time without notice.


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